Production. Household washing machines, million units

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    #IndicatorsUnits of measurementData
    1.Abortions per 1,000 women (15-44 yr)unitsView
    2.Abortions per 100 live births-View
    3.Adult literacy rate. Females 15+ yr%View
    4.Adult literacy rate. Males 15+ yr%View
    5.Agricultural production index (1995 = 100)%View
    6.Annual freshwater use - agriculture%View
    7.Annual freshwater use - domestic consumption%View
    8.Annual freshwater use - industry%View
    9.Annual freshwater use - totalm3View
    10.Arable land per 100 populationhectareView
    12.Average annual rate of migration growth%View
    13.Average living area in square meter per personm2View
    14.Changes in real wages (1995 = 100%)%View
    15.Child mortality rate (the number of deaths of children less than 1 years old per 1000 live births) - Boys-View
    16.Child mortality rate (the number of deaths of children less than 1 years old per 1000 live births) - Girls-View
    17.Child mortality rate (the number of deaths of children less than 5 years old per 1000 live births)-View
    18.Civil aviation traffic - internationalpersonsView
    19.Civil aviation traffic - totalpersonsView
    20.Comparable price level (the ratio of PPP to exchange rate)%View
    21.Confidence indicator - Construction-View
    22.Confidence indicator - Consumers-View
    23.Confidence indicator - Industrial-View
    24.Confidence indicator - Retail-View
    25.Confidence Indicator - Services-View
    26.Current accountUSDView
    27.Current account balance (percent of GDP)%View
    28.Daily caloric intake per capitakcalView
    29.Daily circulation of daily newspapers per 1000 populationcopiesView
    30.Daily fat intake per persongramsView
    31.Daily proteins intake per persongramsView
    32.Demographic burden of children per 100 persons of working agepersonsView
    33.Demographic burden of elderly per 100 persons of working agepersonsView
    34.Demographic burden per 100 persons of working agepersonsView
    35.Density of railways per 1000 sq km areakmView
    36.Density of roads per 1000 km2 kmView
    37.Discount rate of central bank%View
    38.Divorce rate (total) per 1000 population-View
    39.Domestic expenditure on research and development (% of GDP)%View
    40.Domestic expenditure on research and development (PPS)USDView
    41.Economic sentiment indicator-View
    42.Economically Active Females, Ages 15-19%View
    43.Economically Active Males, Ages 15-19%View
    44.Economically active population - femalespersonsView
    45.Economically active population - malespersonsView
    46.Economically active population - totalpersonsView
    47.Electric power - exportsKwt/hView
    48.Electric power - importsKwt/hView
    49.Electric power - total consumption Kwt/hView
    52.Exports - cigarettes containing tobacco USDView
    53.Exports - crude oiltonsView
    54.Exports - food, beverages and tobacco (% from total exports)%View
    55.Exports of high technology products as a share of total exports%View
    56.External debtUSDView
    57.Food production, including drinks and tobacco%View
    58.GDP - Final consumption expenditure (current prices)USDView
    59.GDP - General government final consumption expenditure (current prices)USDView
    60.GDP - Household consumption expenditure (current prices)USDView
    61.Gini coefficient%View
    62.Global Competitiveness Index-View
    63.Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) - Percentage of GDP%View
    64.Gross Domestic Product (GDP)USDView
    65.Gross domestic product (GDP) per capitaUSDView
    66.Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP)USDView
    67.Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capitaUSDView
    68.Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita (USA=100)%View
    69.Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) share of world total%View
    70.HIV/AIDS Among Adult Population, Ages 15-49%View
    71.Human development index%View
    72.Implied PPP conversion rate (national currency per current international dollar)unit/USDView
    74.Imports - cigarettes containing tobacco USDView
    75.Imports - сrude oiltonsView
    76.Index of economic freedom-View
    77.Index of economic freedom. Business freedom-View
    78.Index of economic freedom. Financial freedom-View
    79.Index of economic freedom. Fiscal freedom-View
    80.Index of economic freedom. Freedom from corruption-View
    81.Index of economic freedom. Government size-View
    82.Index of economic freedom. Investment freedom-View
    83.Index of economic freedom. Labor freedom-View
    84.Index of economic freedom. Monetary freedom-View
    85.Index of economic freedom. Property Rights-View
    86.Index of economic freedom. Trade freedom-View
    87.Industrial Production Index%View
    88.Infant mortality rate (the number of deaths of children less than 1 year old per 1000 live births)-View
    89.Inflation, average consumer prices%View
    90.Inflation, average consumer prices, Index, 2000=100%View
    91.Length of railwayskmView
    92.Length of railways. Electrified%View
    93.Length of roadskmView
    94.Life expectancy at birth - all populationyearsView
    95.Life expectancy at birth - femalesyearsView
    96.Life expectancy at birth - malesyearsView
    97.Maternal mortality per 100 000 live births-View
    98.Mean age at first marriage. FemalesyearsView
    99.Mean age at first marriage. MalesyearsView
    100.Mean age of mothersyearsView
    101.Milk yield per cowkg / yearView
    102.Mobile cellular subscribersunitsView
    103.Mobile cellular subscribers per 100 populationpersonsView
    104.Mobile cellular subscribers per 1000 poplationpersonsView
    105.Mortality rate per 1000 population-View
    106.Motor gasolene - exportstonsView
    107.Motor gasolene - importstonsView
    108.Motor gasolene - total productiontonsView
    109.Natural increase, decrease (-) per 1000 populationpersonsView
    110.Net migrationpersonsView
    111.Net reproduction rate-View
    112.Number of births per 1000 populationpersonsView
    113.Number of broadband subscriberspersonsView
    114.Number of broadband subscribers per 100 populationpersonsView
    115.Number of daily newspapersunitsView
    116.Number of deaths per 1000 populationpersonsView
    117.Number of divorces per 1000 populationper milView
    118.Number of hospital beds per 100 000 populationunitsView
    119.Number of Internet userspersonsView
    120.Number of Internet users per 100 populationpersonsView
    121.Number of Internet users per 1000 populationpersonsView
    122.Number of main (fixed) telephone lines per 100 inhabitantsunitsView
    123.Number of marriages per 1000 populationper milView
    124.Number of new reported cases of AIDS populationunitsView
    125.Number of physicianspersonsView
    126.Number of physicians per 100 000 populationpersonsView
    127.Number of prisonerspersonsView
    128.Number of R&D personnel (female) in FTEpersonsView
    129.Number of registered cars per 1 000 inhabitants (motorisation rate)unitsView
    130.Number of registered vehicles - CarsunitsView
    131.Number of registered vehicles. LorriesunitsView
    132.Number of researchers. Business sector%View
    133.Number of researchers. Higher education sector%View
    134.Number of researchers. Public sector%View
    135.Number of teachers - pre-primary levelpersonsView
    136.Oil reservestonsView
    137.Parliamentary seats in single or lower chamber - femalespersonsView
    138.Parliamentary seats in single or lower chamber - malespersonsView
    139.Parliamentary seats in upper house or senate - femalespersonsView
    140.Parliamentary seats in upper house or senate - malespersonsView
    141.Patent applications - from non residentsunitsView
    142.Patent applications - from residentsunitsView
    143.Patent applications - totalunitsView
    144.Patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) - Number of applications per million inhabitantsunitsView
    145.Patent grants - non residentsunitsView
    146.Patent grants - residentsunitsView
    147.Patent grants -totalunitsView
    148.People killed in road accidentspersonsView
    149.Percentage of female teachers - pre-primary level%View
    150.Percentage of households who have Internet access at home%View
    152.Population - femalespersonsView
    153.Population - malespersonsView
    154.Population - urban%View
    155.Population densitypersons per km2View
    156.Population growth (per 1000 inhabitants)-View
    157.Prevalence of obesity among adults - females 15+ yr%View
    158.Prevalence of obesity among adults - males 15+ yr%View
    159.Production - beerdecilitresView
    160.Production - cast irontonsView
    161.Production - cattle and poultry for slaughter in slaughter weighttonsView
    162.Production - cementtonsView
    163.Production - chicken eggsunitsView
    164.Production - crude oiltonsView
    165.Production - Electric powerKwt/hView
    166.Production - footwearpairView
    167.Production - household refrigeratorsunitsView
    168.Production - iron oretonsView
    169.Production - latheunitsView
    170.Production - milk cowtonsView
    171.Production - natural gasm3View
    172.Production - paper & cardboardtonsView
    173.Production - passenger carsunitsView
    174.Production - potatoestonsView
    175.Production - steeltonsView
    176.Production - sunflower seedstonsView
    177.Production - TV setsunitsView
    178.Production - vegetable oiltonsView
    179.Production. Household washing machinesunitsView
    180.Production. Lumberm3View
    181.Production. MilktonsView
    182.Public expenditure on education (as % of GDP)%View
    183.Public expenditure on health (as % of GDP)%View
    184.Ratio of total exports to imports %View
    185.Real GDP growth rate%View
    186.Share of countries in world exports%View
    187.Share of countries in world imports%View
    188.Share of non-marital births (per 100 births)-View
    189.Share of organizations that have Web-sites%View
    190.Share of organizations that use personal computers%View
    191.Share of organizations that using the Internet%View
    192.The incidence of diabetes (% of total population)%View
    193.The share of population living on less than $ 1 per day%View
    194.Time spent in hospitalsdaysView
    195.Total fertility rate-View
    196.Total number of R&D personnel in FTE (full-time equivalent)personsView
    197.Total tourist overnight stays in registered accommodation personsView
    198.Trade balanceUSDView
    199.Unemployment rate - Females%View
    200.Unemployment rate - Females 15-24 yr%View
    201.Unemployment rate - Males%View
    202.Unemployment rate - Males 15-24 yr%View
    203.Unemployment rate - total%View
    204.Women per 100 menpersonsView